Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we think you will want to know. If you don’t see an answer here please contact us as no doubt someone will be asking the same question.

    1. Will I have to fight?
      Yes, this event is a full-contact fight event with the finals at the end of the program.
    2. Is there selections?
      No. However we are only taking on people who haven’t fought before and participants must have had no competitive experience. We want this to be as fair as possible. Returning Bucket List Fighters are welcome. Any questions, come into Dynamic Martial Arts and talk to Dave, or call him on 021 214 7204.
    3. If I have martial arts experience can I register? Yes, as long as you haven’t fought in the ring before. If unsure, contact Dave Sawyer to discuss.
    4. I have done Bucket List Fighter, or any other of the Dynamic Martial Arts corporate programs before, can I do it again?
      Yes, as long as you haven’t fought unpadded or had an amateur fight, we will match you up with another fighter around your level, remember that once you have had three wins in our corporate events, you could challenge for the title belt.
    5. Do I have to train in Silverdale?
      Yes and no. We will be allowing people to train at approved centres on weekdays but there is a compulsory training session every Sunday at the Silverdale training centre – times to be confirmed.
    6. How much will this cost?
      Registration will cost $30, plus training fees, these are set by the clubs involved.
    7. Can I train at all the Silverdale sessions?
      Yes. We suggest getting in as many of the fight related sessions as possible.
    8. How often do I have to train?
      You must attend at least two weekday training sessions and the compulsory Sunday.
    9. Are there any other costs?
      Yes, you will be responsible to provide a medical clearance certificate and blood clearance from your doctor. We do also recommend buying your own protective gear. This gear will be available at a very good price as Dynamic Martial Arts members get very good rates.
      A letter will be supplied along with a breakdown of all costs so participants can obtain personal sponsorship.
    10. If I don’t buy my own gear can I still fight?
      Yes, for eliminations and finals, gear will be provided if needed. However we highly recommend you purchase protective gear to train in. You will be fighting in 16oz gloves and leather shinguards.
    11. Eliminations? Does this mean I may not get a fight?
      Everyone who registers will get to fight, however depending on the number who register we reserve the right to have an eliminations event, then only those who win their elimination bouts will fight in the main event.
    12. Who will be training me?
      Senior members of Dynamic Martial Arts will be the main fight squad coaches, we will name the team coaches once the program is under way.
    13. What will I be fighting?
      You will be competing under the Kickboxing New Zealand “Low Kick” kickboxing corporate rules. We have very experienced referees, whose main priority is your safety.
    14. Am I going to get “smashed up”?
      No, but this is a contact sport so expect some good battle bruises.
    15. Is there an upper age limit?
      No, however those are over 45 years old will be asked for a full medical check and will undertake an extensive pre fight check.

If your question isn’t answered here please contact Dave directly.